Intelleyou Learning Center, LLC

"Teaching Excellence"

1019 University Ave. Suite 103 (First Floor), Honolulu, HI 96826

In Puck's Alley, behind Curry House

        Call now for detailed information (808) 946-5500 and ask for Darin Miyamoto

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Thank you very much for taking an interest in Intelleyou Learning Center's educational services.  We have been teaching students since 2003.  We are experts in the academic field, and provide a multitude of educational services to students of all ages.  We offer a wide range of academic subject areas as well as test preparation.  Students may enroll in classes at any time since we have a continuous enrollment policy. 

Subjects:  Math (Arithmetic, Basic Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus)

                        SSAT Prep (Strategy, Test Taking Skills, Math-Vocabulary-Reading Comprehension Improvement, Essay

                                               Writing & Interview Practice)

                        Homework Help (Math, English, Science, History)

                        SAT (Strategy, Test Taking Skills, Math-Critical Reading-Writing Improvement, Essay Writing)

                        English (Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling, Writing, Phonics)

                        Other Subjects: Kindergarten Prep, ACT

Ages:  Students of all ages - age 5 through elementary school, middle and high school, college students and adults


Class Times: 

 Monday - Friday: 2pm - 7pm, Sat & Sun: 9am - 3pm

 See info page for Summer Session  and Fall Session, Winter Break Session, Spring Session, and Spring Break Session


Types of Classes

Class Size

Cost for a Single Student

Private One Student Per Teacher $ 54.00 per hour
Constructive Two Students Per Teacher $ 35.00 per hour
Group Up to 5 Students Per Teacher $ 20.00 per hour

*Applicable sales tax will be added to tuition.

   Staff:  Darin Miyamoto (Principal, Owner, Teaching English and Math)

                Kira Yamashita (M.A. English, Professional Writing Certificate)

                Danika Harada (M.A. Second Language Studies, B.A. Japanese)

                Justin Koelkebeck (M.A. English)

                Many other qualified and experienced teachers